Lilac Laser Engraved Gifts




Lilac Laser Engraved Gifts is a small business that uses a laser engraver to create fantastic engravings on many products. The laser can also mark metal and cut thin materials like wood and acrylic. The laser has various accessories allowing us to personalise products, including cylinder objects like glasses, vases and bottles.

The laser uses software and graphics to create very detailed engravings or to cut the above materials, and we have found that black and white graphics work the best, otherwise the engravings might only show the outline of the graphics and the rest as a silhouette. It is something we recommend considering when planning a project, as we want the overall effect to look fantastic. We have access to some graphics for use on our products, and have also found a Lincolnshire based firm where we can obtain more graphics from.

The laser can be used for personalised products, creating products with business logo’s on, or for creating a giftware range for an individual business using their own graphics. Branding of goods with logo’s and other graphics can increase a businesses profit and boost their image with customers or other businesses.

We have purchased some wooden products, acrylic materials and crystal glassware to start the business, but we can do other products if needed. When we started the business, we engraved cheaper glassware, which resulted in far more expensive looking products when laser engraved with a logo, text or graphics. This is handy if a business wants an inexpensive option for putting its logo on products to boost their branding.